The Space (w/ Rebecca McDade and Chromatic Colors)

1128 Edgewater St NW, Salem, OR

Rebecca McDade is a Scotland born & Oregon grown singer-songwriter currently based in Salem, Oregon. Drawing inspiration from the folk music of the American sixties, McDade explores heart and home through gentle melodies and intricate finger picking. www.rebeccamcdademusic.com

Chromatic Colors Wil Bakula, composer, producer, and instrumentalist, forms Chromatic Colors along with vocalist Katy Ohsiek and guitarist David Guzman. The trio explores genres such as neo-funk, jazz fusion, and electronic pop. The band is currently based in Salem Oregon https://www.facebook.com/Chromatic-Colors-231707893895680/

The Space not only offers out-of-this-world food and drink, but a wide variety of entertainment options including but not limited to live music and comedy. The lounge atmosphere provides a comfortable space for conversation and connection of locals and travelers alike. The patio and deck create a magical atmosphere for outdoor conversations. And the cherry on top of our already delicious cake is our expertly run state of the art production rig, We are on a mission to facilitate transformative live event experiences. If you're familiar with West Salem, we're at the old Morton's Bistro spot. http://www.spaceconcertclub.com/